The Lubbock STS President's Team members who are responisble for the planning and execution of the Success Training Schools in our area.


Mike & Cindy Patterson
20K Executive President's Team Member

Mike and Cindy were facing financial difficulties. Cindy’s parents, Executive President’s Team members Gerald and Jerrie Reding, introduced Herbalife® products to Mike and Cindy, who experienced great results using them. Cindy decided to become an Herbalife Independent Distributor, though she and Mike agreed that if Cindy didn’t earn a certain amount per month within a year, she would find a different job. “Cindy earned that amount and more!” exclaims Mike. And now they are 20K Presidents team members and Mike says, " This has been our best year yet!"

Terri Wright
15K Executive President's Team Member
Larry & Heather Hulsey
15K Executive President's Team Member


 Prior to Herbalife, Heather and I were both college dropouts working as waiter/waitress. I got started at age 18 after attending a training seminar. I was so broke I was riding my bicycle to and from work at Red Lobster. I took good notes at the training and went to work. Within 10 days, I earned $420 profit. By the 4th month, I was earning over $3,000/month working part time, so I QUIT MY JOB! By age 22, the monthly checks went over $10,000. We now have 4 kids that LOVE Herbalife products and all the great vacations they get to take! Last month, we had our biggest check EVER and the best part is, WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!!!


Gerrie Reding
Executive President's Team Member

Terri Wright was working two jobs and still living paycheck to paycheck. By using Herbalife® products and starting a healthy, active lifestyle, Terri lost 43 pounds. Soon her acquaintances and co-workers started asking her about the products and Terri became aware of the awesome business opportunity. “There’s nothing I would rather do than help others achieve their goals,” she says. “Thanks to Herbalife, we reshaped our future!"


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